Kid’s Party Princess Entertainer? Why it’s the best job in the world!

We Really Love A Princess Party!


Imagine going to work being told you’re lovely your dress is lovely and you are beautiful….

This is what is said to our Princess Entertainers 👸

I do understand that not every little girl likes to pretend to be a princess, but all little girls love our Princess Parties because kids are like animals can smell that we care! 😀

Did you know you can be dressed like a princess and still be having the best time ever! We’ve seen princesses dancing their heads off. We’ve seen at our princess parties, princesses singing their hearts out and the mini royalty worming on the ground under the limbo poles!  Being a Princess Party Entertainer is really good fun and we really love our jobs.

We have the best time with the children at the party 🎉

 Can you see why a Party Princess Entertainer is best job in the world!💕

Which is why we are absolutely reliable!

We do not call ourselves Disney Princesses firstly we are not allowed 😉 and secondly how can you compete with an animation? 😁

We call ourselves Party Princesses!



So get out the dress up box for Tiaras, Sparkly Wands, Princess Gowns and Crowns covered in glitter

We love to see a few knights there too joining in on the craic.



Our Princess Party Package Includes

Princess Magic show

Princess Balloon modelling


Princess fun kids party (2).JPG

Princess Magic show


Princess Face painting

Magic Bubbles


We love doing it so much we cover all of these towns in Ireland

Princess parties in Dublin Louth Meath and Wicklow

Have a look at our main page for more details

Our Princess Parties for girls start from €130

love Saoirse xxx

Saoirse De Burca