Q.What length of time should the party be?

A.I find 2hrs/2.5hrs work best.

Q. When should I feed the children?

A. The choice is yours, the first half hour then entertainment finishing with the birthday cake, or have the entertainment first and use last half hour for food and cake. Feeding them while the facepainting is happening works well too.

Q. What do I need to provide.

A. Your entertainer will bring everything she needs. Just show her the area you would like used.Oh, you do need to provide the children : )

Q. How many children can we invite?

A. I will leave this up to you! We don't mind how many children come. You will know what suits you and your child and we will work around what ever you decide.

Q. How much space do we need?

A. Again we don't mind. Whatever you have we'll work around no problem.

Q.Who's going to clean up ?

A. LOL!