Why I became a children’s entertainer!

Why I became a children’s entertainer!

One thing my mother is brilliant at is throwing a party! I have 5 sisters and we all had birthday parties. Not only that she celebrated Easter with Easter egg hunts, at Halloween we would have a big party with all of the traditional games and a big Christmas party. No matter how broke she was she always managed to somehow pull it off. It was the gathering of friends and family that I loved the most.

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I have wonderful memories of parties in our home so do lots of my friends.  Fancy Dress was always a big hit. She was ahead of her time hiring children’s entertainment. We had a Punch and Judy Show once. My first ever Children’s entertainer I saw was a guy called Joey Magic. He was a good friend of my mothers and was always very kind to us but I absolutely loved his show of Balloon Modelling, Kids Magic Show and crazy funny songs played on his ukulele. All of the children loved him. As we got older, it was then my sister who was having parties for her children. Pat Fallon the brilliant magician was at one. I also remember a magician with a live Rabbit that I loved and lots of summer parties with bouncy castles.  Barney the dinosaur was at another😂 and twice we went to the Zoo for parties where we were allowed feed the Spiders and Lizards and my particular favourite was when we went to feed the Elephants! ❤

As a young adult I often preferred the company of children to the adults. I loved their openness and honesty and they loved a big person hanging out with them. I was always one of the first on the bouncy castle or in the middle of a water fight having the craic.

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On a few different occasions friends and family suggested I could do it (children’s entertainment) for a living. They could see that the children loved me and that I really enjoyed it too. It didn’t cross my mind that I could do it as an actual job until I paid for career guidance. She gave me a few different personality tests and suggested the same. Funny how sometimes we can’t see or don’t listen till we pay someone to tell us what we were already told.🙄

That was over 10 years ago and I have never looked back. Training myself in Balloon Modelling, Kids Magic Shows and Face Painting. Finding fabulous like-minded girls to join me on my entertaining journey.

 Imagine every time you went to work you were loved and appreciated and had great fun! I really do have the best job in the world! ✨✨

love Saoirse xxx

Saoirse De Burca