5 Truths about kid’s party entertainment!

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1 We are not scary children’s clowns!

Clowns have had a bad rap for a while now. It’s no wonder really with “The Joker”, Stephens Kings “IT” and people dressing up in full clown costume scaring people. Lots of our customers ask for a children’s clown. They don’t really want a clown, they want someone who is fantastic fun and brilliant with children.

 We wear colourful costumes that no children are scared of!

2 Kids Magicians are women too!

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I can’t think of a famous lady magician but in the children’s party entertainment industry I know lots of female children’s magicians. Not only are these ladies brilliant at kids magic they are also fun, kind and patient. 


3 You don’t need tons of space for a children’s entertainer

We can work around whatever space you have. We have entertained in back gardens and front rooms all shapes and sizes. With younger kids they are much more relaxed to have the party in their own home. Not hiring a venue will save money too.


4 It won’t cost more for each child you invite to the party!

Some kid’s entertainers do charge extra if you have maybe more than 10/12 children. Not us! We know sometimes you need to invite the whole class and will not charge any extra. The more the merrier!

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5 Kid’s party entertainers are not expensive.

Lots of entertainment companies only offer a two hour package. do you really need a two hour show? Time will be taken up with children arriving then eating time and cake time, 90 mins entertainment is more than enough.

Our one hour party entertainment costs €130 and our one and a half hours entertainment costs €160 in the Dublin area. (outside Dublin please check for price)

If you need any more information please do not hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

Saoirse xxx 

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