Ideas for 8yr/9yr old girl’s birthday party

Do you have a girl’s birthday coming up?  

You might choose to do the entertainment yourself. If you do please feel free to ask any questions and I can fill you in on everything you will need.

 Or you could always hire a professional children’s entertainer! 😀

A crucial element of being a children’s entertainer is making sure we keep the children engaged and having fun the WHOLE time!

These are our most popular parties for this age group

Kids Disco Party

This is a great warm up before they get to an actual Disco! 😄

Your children’s entertainer will bring lights and the latest music. We love to hear from the birthday girl to make sure we have their favourite tunes.

The children will enjoy singing on the micro phones, dance routines, fun games, limbo dancing and tattoos.

If it’s a winter birthday party maybe you could think about hosting it later in the day to make it even more exciting, being almost dark outside.

Pyjama Party

A bit like a sleepover party but the children all go home! 😴

The children get so excited arriving wearing their pyjamas.

This party includes balloon modelling, fun Party Games, dancing, tattoos, limbo, mini karaoke and great craic!

On the invites you can suggest that all children wear their pyjamas.

This is another party where it’s even more exciting if it’s beginning to get dark. Not possible with our summer bright evenings but would work during the winter months to add to the sleepover atmosphere.

Pamper Party

Because everyone loves a bit of pampering! 😉

girls pamper party at home.JPEG

For this party we sit the children in a circle, give them each everything they need for the (all natural ingredients) face mask! They make their own face masks and relax for a few minutes or seconds with the obligatory cucumber on their eyes.

We keep them busy with singing, dancing, games, limbo and tattoos. Make up, nail varnish and foot spa all available.

Karaoke Party

What girl doesn’t want to pretend to be a pop star? 🎤

Maybe they can sing well, maybe they sound like a drowning cat, it doesn’t matter.

Karaoke is all about having a blast and singing your favourite songs.

With this karaoke party your birthday child and her friends can get their groove on and sing like superstars singing along to their favourite hits

To keep them busy we also include games, limbo dancing and tattoos.


Arts and Crafts Party

Have you a child that loves arts and crafts? 🎨

arts and crafts party.JPG

We do pebble painting at these parties. These lovely creations can be brought home and used as ornaments or put in plant pots or in the garden. (less clutter)

While the pebbles are drying we entertain the children with fun games, limbo dancing and tattoos.

*please dress for the mess- we will be working with materials that may stain clothing!


Of course boys and younger children will be very welcome to join in on the fun too.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.