Below are 10 Decisions that need to be made, with a few hints and ideas that might be useful for planning your child’s birthday party.

1/ WHEN?

Decide on a date. If it’s a birthday party, it doesn’t need to be the actual day the nearest date that suits is fine. Fridays after school and Weekends are always popular. Suit yourselves.


Birthday Party Fancy Dress

Decide who will be invited and list the names. As the host only invite as many as you want to handle. It’s totally up to you. Small ones with only special friends can be just as much fun. As children get older they may want to invite the whole class – be warned!


Decide on the venue. Your own house and/or garden is ideal. Local halls or community centres may be available. During the summer you may be able to hold your party in a nearby park, on a beach or in the woods. But I know that’s difficult just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate!

We are happy to entertain the children wherever suits you.

4/ TIME?

Decide on length of party and what time you would like it to start and end.  I find a two hour party works very well.


children's birthday party cake

Not necessary, however I think theme parties are great fun especially for younger children. They love to dress up. I think every house has some sort of dress up collection. Try to have a couple of extra dress up bits for any child that comes out of costume but would like to join in the fun. I’ve a daughter’s birthday close to Halloween so she always chooses fancy dress with Halloween games.



The sky is the limit with decorations. Balloons and streamers are bright effective and fun! Tie a couple of balloons outside to make your house easy to spot. All kids love helium balloons.



I try to think of a few slightly healthier things to offer but always have tons of rubbish too!

Remember children’s eyes are always bigger than their stomachs, I always end up with too much.

Some sort of fruit, grapes slices of melon strawberries all work well. Don’t offer this around or have it out alongside treats or it will be ignored! Have it out with savoury food.

Popcorn and or Nachos

Sausage in a roll or Pizza (something they can hold in their hand) Nuggets and chips work well but I think its more work and most ends up in the bin!



 I like the little individual mini bottles for little kids (saves on spills). Older kids are fine with any cup. I usually offer miwadi or water. No one has complained about no fizzy drinks although of course they would love them if they got a choice.


Four or five treats is usually enough.

For older hungrier kids a selection of biscuits are a god send

Rice Krispie cakes (nice idea if you could make these with the birthday child the day before but not always possible.


Mini bags of jellies

Easy peasy ice cream cake

Easy peasy ice cream cake

Bag of crisps

Wrapped sweets heros/celebrations



I don’t like the taste of the standard sponge and theme icing birthday cakes. Some kids love it some don’t. If your child likes them they are easy to get and hassle free. I’d way prefer a chocolate cake or ice cream cake.  You can then decorate or add your theme quite easily with some of your child’s favourite mini figures or toys.

Chocolate biscuit cakes is brilliant because it can be made in advance and decorated.

If you have time the day before its lovely to do this with your birthday child so they feel like they contributed to the party (they all love cooking)




I’m not a fan of party bags. But we all know kids love them. I haven’t been brave enough to do none. Depending on age maybe the child could do these for you with a little direction. 4 different items should be enough.  I filled surgical gloves for the Halloween party.

I’ve seen lovely ideas of a foam sword or large wand bubbles each these can usually bought in Deals or Euro World



Try to get invites out 2 weeks before party. Lots of classes have a Whats App group to make it easier but young children love the invite too. If you or your child are creative the sky is the limit with invites. you will find plenty of free printable invites on the internet. We have free party invitations here that you can print off.

On helpers if you can get a hand do! If the kids are under 4 you will need more helpers, as they get older you need less helpers. I think one adult for every 8 children for over 5s


 Well done you are about to create a fabulous memory for your child.