Do I need a children's entertainer at my kids birthday party?

The quick answer is no, you do not need a children's entertainer for your kids party- but you do need someone!

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Of course i would like to say yes, hire us! 🤩

Hi there, my name is Saoirse and apart from running a children's entertainment business for 15+ years, I also have two daughters - 9 yrs and 6 yrs - who have had a party for their birthday every year.

I have tried at my daughters parties to do it all myself, but it just doesn't work. I could just never be the party entertainer and the party host. Someone needs to open the door, welcome kids, accept presents, collect coats and shoes from wherever they were dropped, answer the phone, sort, cook and serve the food, help and direct children to the bathroom and mind the child that might not be feeling well, who doesn't want to join in or has just hurt themselves.

At one party where i was entertaining a little girl wet herself during the magic show understandable she didn't want to miss a minute😁 I only realised when i was sitting in her pool!  The parents were able to comfort her and get her changed while i carried on with the fun. The show must go on and all that, even if you're damp 😅

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If you can handle the children's entertainment find another adult to help out with the other party jobs.

There are many benefits to hiring a professional children's party entertainer. A skilled entertainer can give the host room to breathe. Fewer tears all round and more laughter. If you ask any parent who has hired us, they will say it made the party so much easier and much more fun! 

Let's face it, not all adults are entertainers and wouldn't know where to start entertaining a large group of children.

When you hire Party Animals, you can relax knowing the entertainment will be taken care of while you are getting all of the other party jobs done.

What we find works well, is for the children's entertainment to start at the beginning of the party - or shortly thereafter. Hot food can be served during face painting and you can save the treats and birthday cake for the last half hour of the party.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask our advice!