Because dancing not only makes you smarter, it also makes you happier.

Mini disco parties are great fun!


kids disco party (2).JPG

I find this party suits mostly girls aged 7yrs old to 9yrs old. Some boys love it and join in, some boys leg it out to the back garden with a football! Younger siblings/cousins love joining in with the bigger girls.

Did you know Dancing

·         Increases mental capacity by exercising our cognitive processes

·         Dynamic and rapid-fire decision making, creates new neural paths

·         Reduces stress and depression

·         Increases energy and serotonin

·         Improves flexibility, strength, balance, endurance.

·         Strengthens bones and boosts cardiovascular  health


Have you heard of the Dab? or the Floss? I bet your children know!! 😁


Our most popular dances include

  • YMCA
  • Cha Cha Slide
  • Watch me whip
  • Superman
  • Macarena
  • Swish Swish  (This is the one they are doing the Floss to!)
  • Rock the boat
  • Saturday night
  • Juju On That Beat
  • Gangham style
  • Limbo (is always a big hit with all ages)
  • Conga
  • Copy cat dance (dancing in a circle, each child in turn does a move that we all copy, even if It’s just shrugging their shoulders!)
  • Teach us dance (They teach each other the latest moves)

You can find the routines for nearly all of these on YouTube- except the last two, they are my ideas!

These dances need some breaks in-between, with games, tattoos and Karaoke to recent popular hits. I like a different activity between every two dances.

If you find the children are not responding to a song skip it and move on to the next. It’s not always the obvious ones that are most popular.

I like to get the girls into two lines shoulder to shoulder facing each other for the dances. Apart from the Copy Cat and Teach Us dances, I prefer in a circle.  

For some reason, if their mom or dad is doing the dances with them, its mortifing, but when its an entertainer, it’s great!  ( I know It’s unfair! 😁)

My favourite games for this age group/ party is similar to the game "Head Bands". Each child gets a sticker on their forehead with the name of a  (popular with their age group) singer or band. They then have to ask each other questions to find out who they are. The younger kids could get an animal to guess to make it easier. I suggest no winners or losers. (as we don’t want any tears)

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions

Now i want to go dancing! 💃